Zcholar , An academic social network


What is Zcholar ?  Zcholar.com is an academic social network for all scholars around the world to share, interact and exchange ideas in their field of study. This social network have the ability to make user more active “productive “and provide you with what you need in a study group like papers, books and conferences shared by users for users.
Zcholar.com consists of a platform for Social interactive and professionalism which has:

 Online Library accessed by subscribers only.

 Blog for professionals and marketplace for students.

 Different users group for example “ Computer science , Engineering and Law “

 Reward system to give points for active users which can redeem them to buy anything or renew their subscription.

 Social tools like Facebook and LinkedIn

 Social Fundraising campaign for scholarship and research grants .

Nader Yahya

Nader Yahya

Entrepreneur and founder of zcholar.com and other startups , Love new technology, and fresh ideas also like to write about new invention and how to help to change the world. My favorite quote is " It's not about ideas, it's about making them happened"

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